The History Of Real Madrid

Real Madrid - Spanish football club, named by FIFA as the best football club of the 20th century
Real Madrid - Spanish football club, named by FIFA as the best football club of the 20th century. According to the Deloitte, Real is the Club with the biggest budget in the world. Real Madrid is one of the three clubs that have never left the top Spanish Division, the other two are Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao 
In 1896, he created the club football sky, who became the forefather of the Club of Madrid. But official date of founding is considered March 6, 1902, brothers Julián and Palasios offer Padrós club called Madrid Football Club. June 29, 1920, King Alfonso XIII of Spain granted the Royal title to the club that Spanish sounds like Real. Hence the modern name of the Club, Real Madrid. 
Since the founding of the Club began to compete for leadership in Spanish football: in 1903, he reached the final of the National Cup, losing to Athletics in Bilbao. A few years later the honorary trophy permanently moved to the capital: Madrid rose through the Copa del Rey four times in a row. Spanish Championships were held only in season 1928/29, and before that was the strongest clubs by region. Madrid (1920, Real Madrid) during this time, excelled in the capital district 16 times. 
The new President Florentino Perez was elected as an ambitious, who decided to put together a Real life of all the best players in the world. Its activities started with the purchase of a Portuguese Luis Figo from Barcelona for a record 71 million euros. A year later, in the ranks of Real Madrid joined Zinedine Zidane, whom paid Juve even more - 75 million. Even after a year of Inter arrived during the summer of 2003, Ronaldo, Beckham, in 2004 - Owen. 
Thus, in the 2004/05 season played together four football players, Golden Ball: Ronaldo (World footballer of the year in 1997 and 2002), Zidane (1998), Figo (2000), Owen (2001). This collection of stars came to be called Galacticos. Five plus years of Pérez (he resigned in February 2006) Real was twice champion of Spain and only once won the UEFA Champions League (in the season 2001/2002). 
The stadium was named Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in honor of the President of Real Madrid, 1943-1975, which was the initiator of the construction of a new stadium. Construction lasted for three years. The game-opening became friendly matches with the Portuguese club Belenenses "meeting took place December 14, 1947 and ended in victory for the hosts with a score of 3-1. 
Bernabeu, who died in 1978, had plans to build a new stadium to the North of Madrid, but they never materialized. But the 1982 FIFA World Cup, the Stadium was renovated. Now it was equipped with sessile stands for 30200 places and galleries for standing places for 60000 persons.

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