Big Love: Alessandro Del Piero and Sonia Amoruso

Why is it that the players are getting married on the TV starts, models, sportsmens and other representatives Beau Monde. Perhaps it is, but Del Piero an exception to the rule. Betrothed has become a simple girl Sonia Amoruso, no relation to the popular football players Lorenzo and Nicole Amoruso. Where did Alex and Sonia-remains a mystery, because the girl worked as a saleswoman in a store of lingerie. Hardly Del Piero was a frequent visitor of this trade. 
A fun detail. Amoruso's family are all young and old cheer for Torino. Sonia is no exception. And she often went to matches pomegranate, including the Turinian Derby. Need I say that fans of Torino, to put it mildly, not complaining Juve players, leaders, and even more so. And Sonia sometimes their future candidate. But different Club sympathy would not become an obstacle for high sensitivity. Even the father of Sonia, cheerleader Torino with 50 years experience, believes that her daughter was lucky with her husband. A good person, a gift that the Juventus footballer. 
Alex and Sonia long lived common-law. And last summer, Del Piero suddenly surprised his teammates, having covered table. “Guys, I got married,” - said the captain, inviting teammates to the table. The wedding took place in a very narrow range, only to close relatives. And, of course, no paparazzi. Unlikely companions Alessandro offended by his captain for what he is not invited. It is known that Alex is a man not public. 
2005 year Del Piero and Sonia Amoruso was married to a footballer with 1999 year. October 22, 2007 year in hospital St. Anne in Turin, Sonia gave birth to a son, Tobias, the daughter of Dorothea May 4, 2009.
Sonia usual salesmen. In 1999, limping around Rome, Alex entered the store and gave it to the girl behind the counter of his heart. And that the girl has lost nothing, having moved from Rome to Turin, where Juventus is based, along with the heart of Alessandro gave her shop “Satu” in via Dziolitti, 8. Graduate economic courses, he sometimes helps Sonia with accountancy. In June 2005, Alex and Sonia were married after seven years of the novel and three years under one roof. 
The wedding was attended by only a modest village homes – anybody from Juventus Alex not invited. Marriage celebrated by drinking the glass of wine in the family nest young. Recently, Del Piero said on its website the upcoming replenishment of the family: 
“Over the years many things have changed for the better. We have this happened thanks to Tobias and Dorothea. We have grown up with them, and soon we will have even more. We are pleased to announce that life brings unforgettable emotions: Sonya awaits child and soon we will have five!”. 
“We're excited to share this news with everyone, we are really happy. We ask you to be aware of our decision to devote himself more time, as is customary in our family. We have no doubt that you will understand and accept this decision”.

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