The History Of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona also known as Barca is the Catalan football club based in the city, one of the best in Spain and in the world
FC Barcelona also known as Barca is the Catalan football club based in the city, one of the best in Spain and in the world. Founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, British, Spanish and Catalan footballers, led by Joan Gamper. The Club became one of the symbols of Catalonia. Fans of FC Barcelona also known as koules, in May 2006, the number of registered members of the Club to 140000 people. 
Barcelona representatives, along with representatives of Real Madrid and Athletics Bilbao were at the beginnings of education examples. While Barcelona was among three teams, not fleeing the Spanish Primera Division. The other two are all the same Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.
The main stadium is the Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe. From January 19, 2009, the first football team FC Barcelona changed its place of training at the sports complex Esportiva Joan Gamper. It is located in Sant Joan Despí, a few kilometres to the West of the stadium. 
In the 2006/07 season, Barca took third place among the richest clubs in the world with an income of $ 291.1 million euros. 
Barca has long been one of the few clubs who refused the use of sponsor's logos on their shirts. However, since 2005, on t-shirts Barca logo appears TV3 (television of Catalonia) is on the left shoulder, while shorts and collar appeared a little flag of Catalonia. July 14, 2006, the club announced a five-year agreement with UNICEF, on which the UNICEF logo is placed on the form team. In 2012, the 5-year-old was signed an agreement with the Qatar Foundation, a not-for-profit company under which the Club had received 30 million euros annually for advertising on t-shirts. 
In 2009, FC Barcelona has a unique achievement, becoming the only European club to within a year won every possible tournaments (three national championships, a cup and a Spanish Super Cup and three international, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and World Club Championship). 
Head coach: Tito Vilanova. Led by the Catalan club June 7, 2012 after the resignation of Josep Guardiola. Current club captain, Carles Puyol, who in July 2004, the departed, all of the same Josep Guardiola. 
In 1908, one of the co-founding of the Club and his former striker Joan (Joan, Hans) Gamper became Club President for the first time. This happened when the Club was on the verge of collapse: after winning the Championship of Catalonia, 1905, the Club three years without winning any trophies, and his financial situation has also deteriorated. Subsequently, He was re-elected five times President of the Club. One of the main achievements of the Gamper trophy was that he helped "Barcelona" to purchase your own stadium. March 14, 1909, the team moved to Carrer Indústria, a stadium with a capacity of 8000 spectators. 
1973-1974 season the team was joined by a man who was destined to become a new legend Barca is the Dutch forward Johan Cruyff. Already as the master of football during a game in Ajax, Cruyff immediately established and soon became the leader of the team. He quickly became a fan favorite, Barca for his game, but especially rose in their eyes once told reporters that the Badger rather than an evil her enemy Real Madrid (who also was interested in the services of the Dutch), ostensibly because the conviction could not play for a club associated with Franco. In addition, he later named his son Catalan name Jordi. Thanks to Cruyff in 1974, FC Barcelona for the first time since 1960, won the Spanish example, and at the same time broke Real Madrid in El Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu 5: 0. In his first season for "the Badger" Cruyff was voted player of the year in Europe. In 1978, Cruyff left the Club and went to play in the United States.
After the departure of Kruiffa was replaced by Englishman Bobby Robson, who was in Office for only one season (1996/97), but highly successful: team made Cup hat-trick (Spanish Cup, Spanish Super Cup and European Cup winners Cup). Also during his time in Barca Robson managed to acquire from the Dutch PSV future superstar Ronaldo and utter the phrase that has become by the winged: Catalonia is a nation (Donetsk) and FC Barcelona: her army. However, Ronaldo played for only one season, stepping down in Milan Inter. Robson's coaching was replaced by Dutchman Louis van Gaal. By this time the Club have Luis Figo, Giovanni de Oliveira, Luis Enrique Martinez, Patrick Kluivert and Rivaldo. 
In the summer of 2008, the team was led by its legendary player Josep Guardiola, and immediately began cleaning the whole (as many of the players the Club has passed in the last 2 seasons). 
The stadium of FC Barcelona is known as the Camp Nou. The official opening of the stadium Stamford Bridge took place August 24, 1957 year. 
Since its opening in 1957, the stadium was owned by katalonskomu Football Club, and at first was called Estadi del FC Barcelona, however, already then it was called Camp Nou. The Camp Nou, the largest stadium by capacity not only in Spain but throughout Europe; It accommodates 99354 Viewer. 
Modern-looking logo, adopted in 2002, thanks to designer Serrahim Claro. Shape of the coat of arms adopted smoother form is at the bottom instead of the Trident remained one tip, the same thing happened and on the sides. Also removed the point separating the initials of the Club, and changed the style type abbreviations.

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