Brendan Rogers: “Liverpool are a team-dynasty, from such proposals does not refuse”

The head coach of Swansea Brendan Rodgers described why decided to accept the offer to lead Liverpool. 
“I knew that if someday and decide to leave Swansea, just for the sake of really great club. This step resulted in me really hard, because I was going to train Swansea for several years. Always tried to behave honestly. I have always said that does not stay in the team forever and ever will go away. Just did not expect that such an opportunity now. 
But when a chance to work in the Club, which is more than just a club, it is very difficult to withdraw from the professional point of view. Liverpool are a team-dynasty. They are pâtikratnymi the winners of the Champions League and status are on a par with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Milan or Inter. 
When you apply a second time and make you the number one one thinking. In recent years the number of British trainers who are able to work in a top Club, very small. These opportunities may not present itself again, so you have to take a decision”, - quoted Rogers South Wales Evening Post. 
It is expected that Liverpool tomorrow will Brendan Rogers as the new head coach of the team.

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