Big Love: Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez

The Love story of Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez
About the personal life of Sergio Ramos always rife rumors. Long hair and exaggerated themselves on the pitch even generated rumours that Ramos is gay. However, the assumption (or hopes), apparently groundless: football meets TV channel La Sexta and Marca Lara Alvarez is one of the most beautiful and vivid girls on Spanish TV, able to compete even with girlfriend Sara Carbonero and Casillas
Craving for a glamorous and famous girls from Ann Ramos appeared many years ago. Its small (its something popular and features) list of acquaintances can start with "Miss Spain — 2006" Elizabeth Reis. He then vskruzhil head model with TOP Carolina Martinez and some form of Romero. The andalusiec slyly said, “Models and actresses like me only externally and partner seeking among ordinary girls.” 
This is reflected in the professional charity evening Alma Foundation when it was approached by Lara Alvarez and asked for a t-shirt. Serezha undressed right there or would prefer a more secluded place, history is silent, but Ramos and Alvarez began dating. 
By analogy with a pair of his best friend Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas with a new Alliance became known as the second Carbonillas. However, neither yet does not hurry to fasten. And why? After all, if his friends - Ramos and Casillas - have families, their wives may not give players quietly (or not) to chat after the matches. And do it for them? 
Sergio and Lara develop novel rapidly, but there were difficult moments. Brought up in accordance with the tradition by Sergio insist that the girl left work. “I will not be a housewife” is a rebellious teenage girl exploded left Defender for the new TV project. 
Fans flooded the social accounts Heartthrob condolence. Revised his views and footballer, remaining without a personal life. Finally after a couple of months the couple reunited. For how long?

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