The judge asked the prosecutor to release Benzema from judicial review

A court case of Karim Benzema
Judge Natalia Butare, a leading A court case striker of Real Madrid Karim Benzema, appealed to the prosecutor's office to release the player from judicial review.
If the answer is yes, then Benzema could again play for the French national team and take part in the European Championships in 2016. However, such a development would not mean that Benzema not subsequently be judged.
Earlier it was reported that Benzema again gave testimony before the investigating judge on the case of blackmailing former midfielder of Moscow Dynamo Mathieu Valbuena, now plays for the Lion. Benzema admitted that he spoke with Valbuena Video intimate content at the request of a childhood friend. Striker was charged with complicity to blackmail. According to the decision of the French Football Federation Benzema has been temporarily suspended from playing for the national team.

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