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Seedorf: Ancelotti doesn't like conflict


The ex-midfielder of AC Milan Seedorf
The ex-midfielder of AC Milan Clarence Seedorf believes that the management of the Munich Bavaria received correctly, making a bet on the former head coach of Rossoneri and Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian expert will head the German Grand at the end of the season and will replace Josep Guardiola.
«In the face of Ancelotti they get exactly what they see. This natural behavior Ancelotti is its great strength. This is the person who receives pleasure from life and allows you to enjoy it within professionalism and their wards. With Carletto is always room for ideas and emotions. Opinion of the leading players for him is very important. Ancelotti does not like conflict, which has its positive and negative sides. In the end, no one is perfect. In any case, he is able to find a common language with the stars of world level, being both a guarantee of titles» - said Seedorf.
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