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Nani had quarreled with his wife because of the reluctance to leave the Fenerbahce


Nani's wife
Midfielder of Fenerbahce Nani refused to leave the club, despite the entreaties of his wife, according to Fotomac.
According to the source, the wife of Portuguese star Daniela Martins do not like to live in Istanbul, and she asked the player to agree on a transition to a club in China, which was willing to pay midfielder € 10 million per year. Nani told his wife that he will leave Fenerbahce only after having won the trophy in Turkey. Daniela was so upset by the decision of football that left Istanbul, taking with them two children. All of them have returned to Portugal, leaving Nani alone.
Currently, Fenerbahce took first place in the Super League standings, but concedes, Besiktas the lost points.
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