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Guardiola: Tasci in 2-3 days will return to training


Head coach of Bavaria Josep Guardiola
Head coach of Bavaria Josep Guardiola commented on the transition defender Serdar Tasci and his appointment to the Manchester City.
«Tasci in 2-3 days will return to training. He will help the team. It is fast, experienced defender, handle the well ball. How am I going to combine the ongoing work in Bavaria and is already planning for the future in the Manchester City? I like a woman who can do several things at once.
I know that this will not happen before with Bavaria, the coach left the club, usually the club fired the coach. However, we still have four months. With such I have come across in FC Barcelona. Trainers are now no longer respected. Now it does not matter what we say. Why do you never write about those of my great sayings that I speak to his players before matches? I do not understand why the coaches currently continue to give a press conference, » - said Guardiola.
Guardiola was very angry at the press conference. The coach expressed his dissatisfaction with the question of Manchester City, a small number of questions directly about football and disrespect to the coaches from the media.
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